JANA's Barry Rosenstein on Activist Investing: Interview ~ market folly

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

JANA's Barry Rosenstein on Activist Investing: Interview

JANA Partners' Barry Rosenstein talked with CNBC today about activist investing and touched on his stake in Walgreen's (WAG).  Rosenstein says that the company has a "lot of levers to pull, including tax inversion."  Shares of WAG jumped during the interview and WAG is apparently JANA's largest position.

Regarding shareholder activism, he says that, "We don't get involved unless we have concrete ideas that make sense on a long-term and short-term basis and we know we have shareholder support and they're the right solutions for the company."

Embedded below is video of a segment of Rosenstein's interview with David Faber:

You can view additional recent portfolio activity from JANA here and for more on their investment process, you can check out an in-depth interview with JANA Partners here.

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