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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What We're Reading ~ Analytical Links 2/4/15

Dead companies walking: How a hedge fund manager finds opportunity [Scott Fearon]

Seth Klarman on what he's learned from Warren Buffett [FT]

On mindfulness, meditation and investing [Abnormal Returns]

The future of iron ore [Joe Magyer]

FCC Chairman: this is how we will ensure net neutrality [Wired]

Monetary policy: the great illusion [CapX]

Inside the studio where ESPN is betting billions on the future of sports [The Verge]

On Disney's Bob Iger and Apple's Steve Jobs [Fortune]

Here's why Netflix stock is so volatile [MicroFundy]

How Berkshire can survive beyond Warren Buffett [Stanford]

Study says 'boring' stocks generate better returns [Marketwatch]

On Keynes the stock market investor [SSRN]

Chipotle: the definitive oral history [Bloomberg]

The Chipotle effect: why America is obsessed with fast casual [Washington Post]

Inside RadioShack's slow motion collapse [Bloomberg]

Google is developing its own Uber competitor [Bloomberg]

On declining lethality [NYTimes]

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