Hedge Fund Links ~ 4/24/15 ~ market folly

Friday, April 24, 2015

Hedge Fund Links ~ 4/24/15

David Einhorn's presentation from the Grant's conference [ValueWalk]

Hedge fund money going to venture-backed startups is skyrocketing [Yahoo]

Funds and the Freedom of Information Act: the power of the request [ii alpha]

IRS weights rules on hedge fund managers' use of reinsurance [Insurance Journal]

A profile of Ivory's Curtis Macnguyen [Bloomberg]

Eric Schmidt (Google) family office acquires minority stake in D.E. Shaw [PRNewswire]

Hedge funds hawk single-bet deals [WSJ]

A look at Eton Park's latest activity [CNBC]

Orange Capital expresses concern at ACAS [BusinessWire]

There are now more hedge funds than ever [CNBC]

Small hedge funds get bigger share of investors' money [WSJ]

The surprising market response to activist hedge funds [WSJ]

Making sure the hedge fund survives disaster when a general partner is disabled or dies [Forbes]

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