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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Jim Chanos on Wall Street Week: Short Selling, Sotheby's, Energy, China & More

Anthony Scaramucci's rebooted version of Wall Street Week continues its streak of impressive guests.  This week, Kynikos Associates founder and noted short seller Jim Chanos appeared on the program.

He talks about how he got involved in the stock market and why short selling is important.

Chanos also touched on why it's important to set capital limits (position sizes) on shorts.  While a short can only go to zero, it can move against you and technically go up infinity.  When a short position moves against you, it actually gets larger in size.  So you have to ask yourself: how much am I willing to bet on this position?  He mentioned 2% to 3% as a typical sized short and never more than 5%.  "Never let one idea carry you out."

As to where he looks for shorts, he likes: flawed accounting, structurally unsound businesses, and businesses on the wrong side of a deep cycle.

Specifically, Chanos noted he is short Sotheby's (BID) as the company has benefited from the easy money generated by quantitative easing worldwide.  While he sees the company as a proxy for measuring how the ultra wealthy are faring (are they buying more art and fine goods or not?), he argues that BID is not a good way to play that because their business model is deteriorating as they compete with Christie's and super dealers.

Chanos also notes he's bearish on the energy space as the integrated oil space has problems.  We've detailed Chanos' presentation at the SALT conference

Lastly, he also shared his views on China.

Embedded below is the video of Jim Chanos' appearance on Wall Street Week:

If you missed them, be sure to check out Barry Rosenstein's appearance on Wall Street Week, as well as Carl Icahn's interview and Jeff Smith's appearance as well.  Jeff Gundlach also appeared too.

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