Hedge Fund Links ~ 8/28/15 ~ market folly

Friday, August 28, 2015

Hedge Fund Links ~ 8/28/15

The dangerous long bias and the end of the supercycle [Ray Dalio]

Hedge funds bruised by stocks' meltdown [WSJ]

Are hedge funds just pricey and passive? [South China Morning Post]

Hedge funds that crowded into same names likely to nurse losses [Reuters]

Hedge fund 'hotels' sting managers [Bloomberg]

HF's do half as well as you think [Bloomberg]

Ainslie's Maverick said to shop quant-driven stockpicking fund [Bloomberg]

Jim Chanos: more pain to come in China [WSJ]

Third Point settles with US over 2011 Yahoo disclosures [Reuters]

Ackman's hedge fund down in August [Reuters]

Are hedge funds fake? [Bloomberg View]

There's no good reason to mimic a hedge fund [Bloomberg View]

Donald Trump puts 'hedge fund guys' on notice [Bloomberg]

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