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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mario Gabelli's Interview on Wall Street Week

Anthony Scaramucci's rebooted Wall Street Week this time around interviewed GAMCO's Mario Gabelli.

Gabelli says you have to work harder than others if you want to succeed, but having a good education is also a good place to start.

They also talked about how Gabelli essentially pioneered private market intrinsic value investing and Gabelli said that, "if a company's publicly traded, what would it be worth if it went private?"  He looked at the spread between what it's trading for and what it's worth.

He tries to stay in his circle of competence, focuses on competitive dynamics in a given stock's industry, and then looks at the balance sheet to determine the downside first.

One of Gabelli's bets these days is a top down view on water.  He notes that it's being consumed and used increasingly around the globe and so he wants to play the infrastructure support.  They've bought Xylem (XYL), Badger Meter (BMI), and Mueller Water (MWA), Gorman-Rupp (GRC), as well as other companies that make products used to test water.

Lastly, Gabelli wants to earn companies that can have earnings in either an inflationary or deflationary environment.  For a short-term trade (1-2 years) he likes Scripps Broadcasting (SSP).

Embedded below is the video of Gabelli's interview on Wall Street Week:

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