What We're Reading ~ 11/4/15 ~ market folly

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What We're Reading ~ 11/4/15

Evaluating sustainable competitive advantages [Symantaka]

99% of long-term investing is doing nothing; it's the other 1% [Morgan Housel]

The third emotion of investing [Insecurity Analyst]

Daniel Kahneman on intuition and the outside view [Compounding My Interests]

Software is the new oil [AVC]

China's money exodus [Bloomberg]

The unbelievable power of Amazon Web Services [The Atlantic]

How to maximize value of using Finance Twitter [BarbarianCap]

Michael Wolf's predictions on tech and media [Business Insider]

Comcast's weapon to take on wireless giants: Wifi hotspots [Bloomberg]

Interview with Fox's James & Lachlan Murdoch [Hollywood Reporter]

Death rates rising for middle-aged white Americans [NYTimes]

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