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Friday, November 6, 2015

Barry Sternlicht & Michael Sacks' Talk at Invest For Kids Chicago

We're posting up notes from the Invest For Kids Chicago conference 2015.  Next up is a conversation between Barry Sternlicht (Starwood Capital) and Michael Sacks (GCM Grosvenor).

Barry Sternlicht & Michael Sacks at Invest For Kids Chicago 2015

•    Barry started off at JMB working with the Bluhm family and Malkin.
 •    Left JMB in 91 and started Starwood with $21MM.  Today $51B real estate management firm.
•    Chicago as a real estate market? Great place dynamic city, lots to do. Started two hotel – (one hotel which is green), Baccarat hotel chain – sold for the highest price ever for a hotel to a Chinese buyer.
•    Mall management business based out of Chicago.
•    Pretty strong market. Don’t really play as it’s hard to understand and the supply factors.
•    Have been buying in the tax free states.
•    Agnostic to where he invests – looks for best returns but spends most of his time in real estate.
•    Wants to add value no financial engineering.
•    Buy malls and re-tenants them, redesign, etc.
•    Favorite markets/asset classes in real estate? Thinks high rise residential in midtown will be in a free fall, Arabs and Russians are gone, Chinese are fickle. Wants to short it.
•    Thinks the apartments he bought from Zell are good, a single not a home run, double digit cash flow yields.
•    Slow growth is good for them, doesn’t induce new supply and move interest rates.
•    NYC hotels overbuilt.
•    Canadians bigger tourists versus Chinese. CAD decimated.
•    LT NYC great but short term is hard.
•    REITs aren’t trading well due to flow of funds.
•    Rates up, REITs get killed due to dividend chasers.
•    Credit guys tend to be smarter, focused on cash flow versus equity guys focused on the multiple to put on cash flow which is subjective.
•    Thinks Japan is a big Ponzi scheme. ETF volume in Japan driven by government.
•    Real risk in world is central banks printing money. Printing money and buying real assets doesn’t seem kosher to him.
•    Correlations in stock market picking up.
•    Likes natural gas. Will displace coal.
•    Thinks you’ll see incredible crashes in HY market.
•    All bad actors in the world need higher oil prices.
•    Double digit cash yield on the box, bet on the demographics half of it was south Florida. Miami is the Singapore of the USA.
•    Denver as well, young people like Denver and bought Seattle. Americans not buying houses. Ppl marrying later.
•    Trillion dollars of student debt can’t afford houses.
•    Don’t intend to own those apartments purchased from Sam for 30 years just 5. Highest quality apartments in the class.

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