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Monday, December 7, 2015

Sohn London Conference Notes 2015 - Burbank, Singh, Block & More

We're posting up notes from the Sohn London 2015 Investment Conference that recently took place.  It featured prominent investment managers sharing their latest ideas to benefit cancer research.  Click the links below to go to the presentations.

Notes From 2015 Sohn London Conference

- John Burbank (Passport Capital): Long CF Industries

- Michael Karsch (Hunter Peak Investments): Long Houghton Harcourt 

- Carson Block (Muddy Waters): Short Proofpoint

- Selvan Masil (Westray Capital): Long Rolls Royce, Short Ericsson

- Bran Cornelisse (Farringdon Capital): Pair trade

- Dinakar Singh (TPG-Axon Capital): Long Yutong Bus Company

- Vikram Kumar (TT International): Long TomTom

- Robert Harteveldt (Trishield Capital): Long New Media Investment Group

- Franck Falezan (Primestone Capital): Long Dorma Kaba

- Guillaume Rambourg (Verrazzano Capital): Long Unipol Group

- Per Johansson (Bodenholm Capital): Long eBay, Short ACS 

- Bo Bortemark (Carve Capital): 3 long ideas

- Beltram Lastra (Bestinver): Long Indra

- Elif Aktug (Pictet Asset Mgmt): Long Mead Johnson Nutrition

- Mike Wilkins (Kingsford Capital): On short selling

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