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Friday, May 6, 2016

7 Keys to the Perfect Pitch by James Rosebush

James Rosebush has used his experience in the Reagan Administration to develop what he feels are the 7 keys to the perfect pitch.  We thought this could be relevant for readers whether you are pitching an investment to others, pitching yourself to a potential employer, or pitching your fund to investors.

Rosebush's 7 Keys to the Perfect Pitch

His presentation focuses specifically on the mindset of pitching a fund to investors.  Here are his keys quickly summarized, with his full presentation video at the bottom:

1.  Start at the desired end - envision the final results

2.  Visualize when you talk - communication is mental transfer

3.  Associate your strategy with impact, with something bigger than just your own compact strategy -
activate something in the mind of the investor.  Where does your strategy mesh with the marketplace?

4.  Build a relationship bridge - research, get to know the investor, find out something about them that's impressive and tell them

5.  Be targeted, focused, exceptionally prepared and welcome tough questions

6.  Know what you believe and why you believe it

7.  Know yourself - ask if you have confidence in your strategy

Embedded below is the video of Rosebush's 7 keys to the perfect pitch:

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