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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What We're Reading ~ 5/4/16

Concentrated Investing: Strategies of the World's Greatest Value Investors [Benello] 

The internet economy [Chris Dixon]

Everything as a service [Stratechery]

A look at Cable One (CABO) [Value Seeker]

Rise of the robots is sparking an investment boom [FT]

Nielsen's blindspot and the fight for the future of TV ratings [The Wrap]

Company profile of TransDigm Group [Rational Walk]

Building failure into your process [A Wealth of Common Sense]

'Free' shipping crowds out small retailers [WSJ]

Africa's market of 1.2 billion people still holds huge promise [Economist]

Is Facebook approaching bubble territory? [Peridot Capitalist]

How grocery stores can survive Amazon [Bloomberg]

In China's Northeast, a daily jostle for jobs [NYTimes]

Baidu's moral dilemma [CNSpoon]

Google's yearly founders' letter [GoogleBlog]

Google has run away with the web search market and no one is chasing [Quartz]

Why are there so many mattress stores? [Marketplace]

The US homeownership rate falls again [WSJ]

How to be a better networker [Both Sides of the Ghost]

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