Hedge Fund Links ~ 7/29/16 ~ market folly

Friday, July 29, 2016

Hedge Fund Links ~ 7/29/16

At world's largest hedge fund, sex, fear and video surveillance [NYTimes]

Investors say stop paying fund of hedge funds [NYPost]

How solo fund managers stack up against the team players [FT]

The strategy of hedge fund selection [Global Investor Magazine]

Profile of Bronte Capital's John Hempton [Bloomberg]

The optimal size of hedge funds [Harvard Law]

Inside McKinsey's private hedge fund [FT]

The hedge fund industry needs a makeover [FT]

ValueAct to pay record $11 million to settle antitrust lawsuit [WSJ]

After Brexit, Steve Cohen doubles down [NYTimes]

10 tips for new Wall Street interns from Citadel [Business Insider]

A hedge fund or a fraud? [Bloomberg]

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