What We're Reading ~ 7/27/16 ~ market folly

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What We're Reading ~ 7/27/16

Find ideas that are good and different [Medium]

The values of value investing [IMAUSA]

The promise of Regrexit [George Soros]

How borrowed shares swing company votes [WSJ]

The downside of past performance [A Wealth of Common Sense]

On Amazon, eBay, and eCommerce arbitraging [Entrepreneur]

The best paid CEOs run some of the worst performing companies [WSJ]

An in-depth look at food chain Chili's [GQ]

India's audacious plan to bring digital banking to 1.2 billion people [Bloomberg]

India's Flipkart has an Amazon problem [Bloomberg]

The new class war [Economist]

China: a transition well underway [ValueWalk]

How one investor approaches valuation [Medium]

Why you should understand what's happening with Italian banks [SNBCHF]

Why ultralow rates are here to stay [WSJ]

Warren Buffett deputy Ted Weschler makes his mark [Institutional Investor]

FCC sets stage for next generation of wireless: 5G [LATimes]

Watching Brazil's rich: a full-time job [NYTimes]

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