Hedge Fund Links ~ 9/9/16 ~ market folly

Friday, September 9, 2016

Hedge Fund Links ~ 9/9/16

Survivorship bias explained [A Wealth of Common Sense]

The hedge fund trader who beat the feds [Fortune]

David Tepper is 'on guard' [CNBC]

Hedge funds suffer biggest redemptions since 2009 [Bloomberg]

Tiny satellites: the latest innovation hf's are using to get a leg up [WSJ]

The hedge fund industry is shrinking [TIME]

Smaller reigns supreme in hedge funds [NYPost]

Brevan Howard & Tudor battle losses [WSJ]

How this hedge fund robot outsmarted its human master [Bloomberg]

The hedge fund industry has a problem [Business Insider]

Hedge fund managers are waiting for the world to change [Yahoo Finance]

Lessons from a trading great: Bruce Kovner [Deflation.Market]

Paulson & Co exec to launch own firm [Reuters]

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