Hedge Fund Links ~ 10/21/16 ~ market folly

Friday, October 21, 2016

Hedge Fund Links ~ 10/21/16

Ray Dalio's remarks at 40th annual central banking seminar [LinkedIn]

Steve Cohen may return to hedge fund industry when ban expires [NYTimes]

Hedge funds struggle to master their miserable new world [Bloomberg]

Hedge fund launches dwindle to 16-year low as returns lag [Bloomberg]

Year-to-date level of hedge fund redemptions highest since 2009 [FINalternatives]

Is Bill Ackman toast? [Vanity Fair]

Paulson's 2016 loss mounts [Bloomberg]

Recruiters give advice for applying for hedge fund jobs [Business Insider]

One venture capitalist is beating hedge fund managers at their own game [CNBC]

So many hedge funds, so little alpha [Bloomberg]

Two big hedge funds unwind bets against Deutsche Bank [Reuters]

Deutsche creats new $50 billion hedge fund and structured products arm [HFM]

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