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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Nelson Peltz Not As Cautious As Others, Talks General Electric

Nelson Peltz of Trian Partners appeared on CNBC today and gave his view on the market and his holding General Electric (GE).

Peltz said that "I think Wall Street is talking themselves into a negative environment, and I think they're almost doing it unnecessarily."  He says earnings have been pretty good but revenue's been hard to get, but companies are realizing how much cost they can take out.

"I'm not a macro guy, but I think my portfolio's cheap.  I think you're gonna see a little growth in Europe this year for the first time."  He says Latin America is a problem, Europe is getting better, but 'who knows' on China.

On General Electric (GE), his largest holding, Peltz noted that GE has been a good performer since last year and he thinks "it's the best set of industrial assets on the planet.  85-90% of their revenue today is service revenue and if you look at the business peak to trough through the great recession and if you look at the businesses in there today, earnings were down 5%."

He doesn't know what the quarter's earnings are gonna be but he doesn't seem to care as he's "in this thing for a longtime."

Peltz also touched on Pepsi (PEP), which he's now out of.  They took $1 billion a year in costs out for 3 years in a row. 

On shareholder activism, Peltz floated an idea of 'private equity in public markets' where long-term owners hold stocks for longer periods of time while enacting positive change and helping a business grow.

He thinks Hillary Clinton wins the election and the market could stay where it is, unless she takes both Houses and then it'd go down.

We'll post up the video of the interview once it's released.  Be sure to also check out CNBC's interview with David Tepper from yesterday, as well as their conversation with Carl Icahn.

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