Julian Robertson Likes Microsoft, Air Canada, Celgene ~ market folly

Friday, October 28, 2016

Julian Robertson Likes Microsoft, Air Canada, Celgene

Hedge fund legend Julian Robertson of Tiger Management sat down with CNBC to talk about markets recently and what stocks he's fond of these days.

He really likes Microsoft (MSFT) and thinks its cloud exposure, new management has "brought a revival of Bill Gates' initial strategy."

Robertson also likes Air Canada and says they're doing all the right things, cheap at 3.5x earnings.  Thinks it's well-run at a very cheap price.

Looking at stocks selling at depressed levels, he pointed to biotech and particularly Celgene (CELG).  He noted the fear that Hillary Clinton would put some of these companies out of business.  Robertson says "a lot of them have a lot of promise" and he prefers ones that have sold off a lot.  He was a big holder of Gilead (GILD) but said he's basically 'given up' because the company hasn't put its massive cash pile to work.

Turning to media, he said that, "I have always regrets about selling anything of Reed Hastings."  He regrets not being in Netflix (NFLX) but says "it's not the world's cheapest stock" so he says they 'removed' themselves. 

Turning to currencies, the hedge fund manager thinks the Peso is undervalued as it has largely been a 'Trump trade' recently.

On the hedge fund industry, he said "(The shakeout) is caused by increased competition from more hedge funds."

For young people in finance, he said he'd tell them to go to an industry that's lacking people.

For more from this hedge fund manager, we also posted another recent interview with Julian Robertson as well.

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