What We're Reading ~ 10/26/16 ~ market folly

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What We're Reading ~ 10/26/16

The $108 billion man who has beaten the market [WSJ]

Cash: the most hated asset class on the planet [Felder Report]

What you can learn from family business [HBR]

On the future of video [REDEF]

The intelligent industrial revolution [nVidia]

Five market insights from Peter Lynch [Ivanhoff]

Explaining what made the internet 'break' recently [Gizmodo]

U-Haul parent Amerco (UHAL): ready to move [Barrons]

Arbs stay on sidelines of AT&T, Timer Warner deal [WSJ]

Private equity is sitting a ton of cash [ai-cio]

Interview with CEO of new exchange IEX [Bloomberg]

Why negative churn is such a powerful growth mechanism [Tom Tunguz]

WeChat works to maintain startup culture as it matures [WSJ]

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