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Friday, December 2, 2016

Hedge Fund Links ~ 12/2/16

Summary of the Robin Hood conference: Einhorn, Tepper, Druckenmiller etc [ValueWalk]

Profile of Renaissance Technologies' secretive Medallion Fund [Bloomberg]

Reflections on the Trump Presidency, after the election [Ray Dalio]

How T. Boone Pickens sits tight in the riskiest of businesses [NYTimes]

The next generation of hedge fund stars: data-crunching computers [NYTimes]

Treasury officials are warning hedge funds could create the next big crisis [Vox]

Bill Ackman's 2016 fortune: down, but far from out [NYTimes]

Omega's Einhorn sees Trump's policies boosting stocks [Reuters]

Tourbillon's Jason Karp says Trump will make stock pickers great again [Reuters]

John Paulson got Trump elected and now has favor to ask [Vanity Fair]

Jim Chanos says Valeant was biggest loser ever for hedge funds [CNBC]

Credit Suisse said raising $2 billion for hedge fund stakes [Bloomberg]

Tyrian Investments to close [Reuters]

Hedge fund strategies no longer correlated with equity returns [Investing]

Female fund managers are a rarity across the globe [Morningstar]

This is why alternatives are worth it [ValueWalk]

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