Hedge Fund Links ~ 2/24/17 ~ market folly

Friday, February 24, 2017

Hedge Fund Links ~ 2/24/17

Hedge funds can't sue over investments in Fannie and Freddie [Bloomberg]

When hedge funds convert to mutual funds [Morningstar]

Hedge funds' next big short: US malls [ValueWalk]

On due diligence beyond the tear sheet [FINalternatives]

Here's why the majority of hedge funds may never be able to beat the market again [CNBC]

Some of George Soros' short positions accidentally published [Bloomberg]

Gotham hedge fund explores shifting fees to tie pay to returns [Bloomberg]

Emerging market hedge fund assets hit record $200 billion [Reuters]

A bunch of big name hedge fund managers are backing a new launch [Business Insider]

A.I. and bitcoin are driving the next big hedge fund wave [Wired]

Hedge funds continue to chase the herd [Bloomberg]

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