What We're Reading ~ 2/22/17 ~ market folly

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What We're Reading ~ 2/22/17

Why we dig in with a long held belief instead of changing our minds [Reformed Broker]

Decision making amid uncertainty: improving your process [CFA Institute]

Inside the Snapchat roadshow [Business Insider]

On Quicken loans, the new mortgage machine [NYTimes]

China's artificial intelligence (A.I.) boom [The Atlantic]

Podcast with Ed Thorp [Meb Faber]

Prem Watsa drops long-held bearish stance on markets [BNN]

On Buffett's new stake in Monsanto (MON) [Bloomberg]

Warren Buffett's honor versus 3G [Lawrence Cunningham]

A look at Expedia (EXPE) [Value and Opportunity]

On owning a stock for five full years [Gannon on Investing]

Mark Cuban's two biggest stock holdings [Benzinga]

Apple: the greatest cash machine in history? [Aswath Damodaran]

Billions the TV show versus real life [The Ringer]

McLaren struck gold making supercars for regular drivers this year [Bloomberg]

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