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Friday, July 21, 2017

Professional Web Design Package For Investment Firms: First 10 Responders Receive Discount

Our friends at Board Studios have put together a web design package exclusively for Market Folly readers that we wanted to share because they do great work and we thought it would be of interest to many of you.  Reach out to their founder to receive the discount at or 347-871-4453.

In a world of me-too investment advisors and funds, how do you differentiate yourself?  When you're out fundraising, how do you stand out?  Making a good first impression is critical when you're looking for potential clients to trust you with their capital.

When potential investors are researching your firm online, what do you want them to see?  You need a professional, well-designed website that backs up your expertise, philosophy, and performance.

Board Studios is your ideal partner because the founder is an investor with 10+ years of experience on Wall St, including investment banking, private equity, and hedge funds.  So you won't waste any time explaining the message you're trying to convey. 

Here's just an example of their most recent work.

First 10 Responders Receive Discount

Their professionally designed, fully custom 5-page websites typically cost $10,000.  But we've secured a special offer for our readers for only $6,000.

This includes building an entire website from scratch, getting it uploaded, and resolving any issues with your service providers to ensure everything works flawlessly.

Board Studios will listen to your vision, guide you through their streamlined process, and answer all your questions to ensure your firm's online presence makes a great first impression.

They've been extremely generous to offer this discount so if you're looking for a new website or refresh, reach out to Board Studios' founder at: or give him a call at 347-871-4453

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