Whitney Tilson's Presentation on Alphabet and Facebook ~ market folly

Monday, July 17, 2017

Whitney Tilson's Presentation on Alphabet and Facebook

Whitney Tilson of Kase Capital Management gave a presentation at the 14th annual Value Investing Seminar in Italy on two stocks: Alphabet (GOOG) and Facebook (FB).

Tilson starts by doing a bit of a post-mortem on a call he made against Google some time ago. He points out that the company enjoys a flywheel of network effects and economies of scale: large user base > large advertiser base > better monetization > most R&D dollars > best product > high barriers to entry.

That's obviously not anything new, but he points out that valuation isn't crazy at 28x 2017 EPS and 13x EBITDA estimates given that the vast majority of incremental ad spending is ending up on GOOG or Facebook's platforms.  And if you back out GOOG's cash ($126 per share) and 'other bets' ($50 per share), you get a valuation much more in line with the S&P for a company that he says is "vastly superior" to the average corporation.

On Facebook (FB), Tilson points out the company has higher margins than GOOG, and revenue growth is higher as well.

Embedded below is Tilson's presentation on GOOG and FB:

You can download a .pdf copy here.

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