What We're Reading ~ 7/26/17 ~ market folly

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What We're Reading ~ 7/26/17

The most important moat [Base Hit Investing]

Technical Analysis of Financial Markets [John Murphy]

Ferrari (RACE) sells veblen goods, not cars [Intrinsic Investing]

Buy time, they're not making any more of it [Abnormal Returns]

On reinvestment moats and Zooplus [Connor Leonard]

On perceived versus real risk tolerance [Aleph Blog]

On why it's so hard to be a contrarian investor [Medium]

A Hermes Birkin bag generates higher return than stocks? [BagHunter]

Snapchat (SNAP) isn't a social network, it's a toy [Vanity Fair]

Can anyone bury Bloomberg? [Institutional Investor]

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