What We're Reading ~ 1/23/19 ~ market folly

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

What We're Reading ~ 1/23/19

Seth Klarman's warning on global division and debt [Dealbook]

Why some platforms thrive and others don't [Harvard Business Review]

Customer loyalty is overrated [Harvard Business Review]

Survival is the ultimate performance measure of a business [Intelligent Fanatics]

On Netflix's pricing flex [Stratechery]

Interview with Peloton's CEO [strategy + business]

A look at Ferrari (RACE) [Intrinsic Investing]

Profile of Masayoshi Son, most powerful person in Silicon Valley [FastCompany]

Starbucks' worst nightmare in China is coming true [Forbes]

Direct to consumer brands are mostly spurning Amazon [Digiday]

Not all marketplaces are created equal [Medium]

US birthrate at 30-year low [WSJ]

Stockpickers don't know how to sell [Bloomberg]

On 5G: if you build it, we will fill it [Benedict Evans]

Meet the new payment champions, same as the old ones [WSJ]

How a deluge of money nearly broke the English Premier League [The Guardian]

To cover China, there's no substitute for WeChat [NYTimes]

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