Hedge Fund Links ~ 1/11/19 ~ market folly

Friday, January 11, 2019

Hedge Fund Links ~ 1/11/19

The 20% a year stock picker who wishes his edge would disappear [Bloomberg]

Deal-master Debbane - the secretive fund manager behind Oprah's WeightWatchers windfall [Forbes]

Jeff Vinik plots third comeback [WSJ]

Some 2018 performance figures of prominent hedge funds including RenTec [FT]

Bridgewater ends 2018 up almost 15% [Reuters]

Greenlight down 34% in 2018 [Bloomberg]

The money managers to watch in 2019 [WSJ]

Muddy Waters up 20% in 2018 [Institutional Investor]

Harvard quietly amasses California vineyards [WSJ]

Scott Bessent is preparing for the great divergence [AFR]

Mega family offices strike Transatlantic partnership [Bloomberg]

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