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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Notes From Sohn London Investment Conference

Below are notes from the Sohn London investment conference late last month.  Apologies for the delayed posting.  Click each link to go to that speaker's presentation.

Sohn London Investment Conference Notes 2018

Vikram Kumar (Kuvari Partners): Short Kier Group

Benoit Colas (PrimeStone Capital): Long Spirent Communications

Dureka Carrasquillo (Canada Pension Plan): Long Ferrari

Andrew Dickson (Albert Bridge Capital): Long Micro Focus

Luke Newman (Janus Henderson): Long Rolls Royce

Rachel Reutter (J O Hambro Capital UK Opportunities Fund): Long Smiths Group

Per Lekander (Lansdowne Partners): Long Carbon Credits

Maxime Franzetti (Mubadala Capital): Long Korian

Andy Brough (Schroder Investment Management): 2 Long Ideas

Bernie Ahkong (UBS O'Connor): Long Paddy Power Betfair

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