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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

What We're Reading ~ 3/20/19

T. Rowe Price: The Man, The Company & The Investment Philosophy [Cornelius Bond]

How to take the outside view [McKinsey]

Pitch on short Tesla [Dropbox]

What is Amazon [Zack Kanter]

Allen Zhang on the key product principles of WeChat [WeChat]

KKR is too cheap [Yet Another Value Blog]

Buying is easy, selling is hard [Bloomberg]

In 12 minutes, everything went wrong: LionAir crash [NYTimes]

The SaaS busines model & metrics [Matrix Partners]

How an app for gamers went mainstream [The Atlantic]

The risk of low growth stocks: Prestige Brands [Intrinsic Investing]

Franchise value: video game IP vs movie IP [Medium]

The 20 craziest investment facts ever [Irrelevant Investor]

Netflix is the most intoxicating portal [NYTimes]

Farmbelt bankruptcies are soaring [WSJ]

ESPN's ex-President wants to build the Netflix of sports [Bloomberg]

Inside HBO's plan to win the streaming wars [Vanity Fair]

Interview with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey [Rolling Stone]

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