What We're Reading ~ 8/28/19 ~ market folly

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

What We're Reading ~ 8/28/19

The network effects manual: 13 different types [NFX]

A look at Wells Fargo (WFC) [Sabre Capital]

SmileDirectClub's IPO highlights promises, pitfalls for DTC companies [Modern Retail]

How the recession of 2020 could happen [NYTimes]

Framework for evaluating enterprise software companies [Shomik Ghosh]

How Elon Musk gambled Tesla to save Solar City [Vanity Fair]

Streaming video will soon look like the bad old days of TV [Matthew Ball]

LaCroix won the bubble battle, but it's losing the sparkling water war [Bloomberg]

How Uber got lost [NYTimes]

The making of Amazon Prime [Vox]

China internet report [SCMP]

The real story of the brand Supreme [GQ]

Red flags on the WeWork IPO: WeWTF [Prof Galloway]

WeWork as the AWS of real estate? [Stratechery]

Harry Markopolos' write-up on General Electric [GEFraud]

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