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Monday, December 9, 2019

James Hanbury (Odey) Long Plus500: Sohn London Conference

We're posting up notes from the Sohn London investment conference.  Next up is James Hanbury of Odey Asset Management who presented a long of Plus500 (LONG:PLUS).

James Hanbury's Sohn London Conference Presentation

Long Plus500 (LON: PLUS)

Plus500 is a CFD trading business. Its main competitors are IG Group, Saxo bank, CMC. It’s a fintech business and very much a technology company. In the last 3 years: revenue 38% CAGR, EPS 58% CAGR, EBIT margin 59%. It is best in class with a very high return on equity. Cash conversion has been excellent. At the IPO in 2013 they raised £22m in primary net proceeds. Since then, they have returned nearly £850m to shareholders, mainly in dividends. Over and above this, there is £200m excess cash on the balance sheet.

Can Plus500 keep generating this level of cash and what are the barriers to entry? Plus500 offer negative balance protection to all customers. As a customer with Plus500 you can use lots of leverage but not lose more than your deposit. The competition does not offer balance protection because it’s difficult and expensive requiring good risk control. Plus500 also offer spreads that are 10% to 15% inside other CFD brokers.

Hanbury said that you can tell a good disruptive business by its revenue / employee. Plus500 £1.5m/ employee compared to the two strongest competitors: IG Group £300,000/ employee and CMC£200,000/ employee.

Plus500 has good marketing. It has invested in machine learning and artificial intelligence to produce algorithms that place adverts on Google, Twitter and other web sites. It spends more on marketing in absolute terms than competitors and more as a percentage of sales. Even though they spend more on marketing their fixed costs are lower: Plus500 12%, IG Group 50%, CMC 60%. Plus500 has been taking market share every year. It is the market leader in the UK, Germany, Spain, Australia.

What are the risks? Plus500 has been hit by ESMA regulatory changes over the last year that have reduced customers’ ability to take on high levels of leverage. The European area represents 70% of its revenues. There are also similar regulatory changes taking place in Japan and Australia. Hanbury believes that in a tough regulatory environment the tough will get stronger and the weak will get weaker. Expect the number of operators to decline. Having less leverage will be better for customers. Since the ESMA changes, Plus500 have reported falling customer acquisition costs, churn has hit record lows and the win/lose ratio for customers has been improving.

Part of the bear case for Plus500 is that customers are often inappropriate, low value and don’t last long. However, the percentage of customers who have been with Plus500 for more than 1 year is high at 73%. Expect that number to improve further in the new regulatory environment.

It’s important to remember that one of the most important drivers of revenues for a CFD trading business is market volatility. Plus500 do well in difficult markets.

Another aspect of the bear case is that the business is high risk. Plus500 now has a full listing on the main market and has the best transparency in the industry. The market has not fully appreciated that it doesn’t hedge its positions. Instead they limit customers’ position sizes. They are very happy to have whale traders, but they don’t like single whale trades. Their profile of winning/ losing days is extremely impressive: 85% of days are winning days. They do have big losing days. The biggest one came on a day in the Crypto craze in Oct 2017 where they lost £3.5m. Hanbury’s view is that is easily coverable by the £200m cash on the balance sheet. When there are high levels of downside volatility, Plus500 tends to make back money that it has lost quickly because volatility stimulates activity elsewhere.

Plus500 has started to buy back stock. In the current market there is potential for them to make a good acquisition. They could move into new markets like stockbroking, ISAs and new geographies. It is the best business in the industry yet it has the cheapest valuation 2.3x EV/EBIT 2020. PE 5.3x 2020.

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