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Monday, December 9, 2019

Per Johansson Short Koenig and Bauer, Long LivaNova: Sohn London Conference

We're posting up notes from the Sohn London investment conference.  Next up is Per Johansson of Bodenholm Capital who presented a short of Koenig and Bauer (GER:SKBX) and a long of LivaNova (NAS:LIVN).

Per Johansson's Sohn London Conference Presentation

Short: Koenig and Bauer (GER: SKBX)

Koenig and Bauer is a German based printing press manufacturer. It has less conservative accounting. Cashflow and earnings expectations are set for a big reset.

Demand for the presses has structural challenges. Bank notes in circulation are not shrinking yet but may do in the future. Bank note printing makes up 20% of revenue, 40% of profits. They used to have a monopoly in the bank note printing area but now buyers are tendering contracts. Japanese competitors have started to win contracts recently. The other part of the business, sheetfed offset printing, is also facing headwinds. Volume is slowing and margins are contracting.

They have taken a lot of ones offs and restructuring charges making the accounts look better than they are. This may have been incentivised by management bonus targets.

Long: LivaNova (NAS: LIVN)

LivaNova is a medical device company. Bodenholm like spinoffs and they like companies that are de-conglomerizing. They have been invested in the company for 4 years and its one of their largest positions.The neuromodulation business is high quality. It’s almost a monopoly, there are high barriers to entry. They can grow revenue at 5-8% per year.

The other part of the business is better than analysts think and has market leading positions in most businesses. It can grow revenue at 5-6% and profit at 10% per annum.

They are also running clinical trials to see if the neuromodulation technology can be used to treat depression. If it can, it will be a game changer for the company because the market is huge.

LivaNova is a prime acquisition target.

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