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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Some Good Online Resources for Research

Just wanted to take a quick second to point out some great online research resources for those who might not know about them.
First, I want to point out The Wall Street Journal's Money Flow pages. These pages monitor "Buying on Weakness" in which they list the stocks that are down for the day but have seen the largest inflow of money. They also monitor "Selling on Strength" which shows stocks that are up for the day but have seen the largest outflow of money. Buying on Weakness can be found here. Selling on Strength can be found here.

Second, for those who are not necessarily actively trading in the commodities markets, but still want to know what's going on with oil and natural gas, here's your quick solution. It can be found at Bloomberg on their self-updating Energy prices page found here.

Thirdly, I want to link up Goldman Sachs' Conviction Buy List. Goldman is undoubtedly one of the best i-banks/hedge funds on the street right now, having navigated successfully through the credit crunch and recession (so far). Therefore, you should at least keep tabs on the info they release. Not to mention, the stocks that get added to/subtracted from this list will definitely move based on that news. StreetInsider tracks the list here.

Next, I want to link up MSN Money's Insider Buying/Selling tracker. This page monitors the top 10 largest insider purchases and top 10 largest insider sales in the last 30 days, The list is updated weekly on Friday and is based on Form 4 SEC filings. You can find that here.

In terms of news, you need to keep an eye on certain Economic developments and this calendar sets you up with all the action that will take place during the upcoming week on Wall Street. Its a great resource to have so you know what kind of catalysts are coming that will move the markets. Check it out here.

Lastly, just wanted to post up an Options guide for those who might be newer to Stock Options. They're a powerful and useful tool for investors, but you've got to know how they work and the various strategies you can use. TheOptionsGuide has a very good breakdown of all the various strategies here.

Alright, that's just a few for now, I'll add more as the days go on. Please feel free to add any other worthwhile sites in the comments section!


Jeffrey McLarty said... is better for options. ...the guys that are learning. For the pros... :)

oh yah, I'm a pro :P