Citadel Starting New Hedge Funds ~ market folly

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Citadel Starting New Hedge Funds

Ken Griffin's Citadel has plans to roll out a few more funds, even after their flagship funds had a rough year in 2008. One will focus on currencies and interest rates, one will focus on stocks, and another will focus on convertible bonds. They're trying to roll out lower fee funds in an effort to attract more investors. Additionally, they're hoping to raise $2-5 billion for the Global Macro Fund. We'd mentioned this fund back in September, as it will be ran by Kaveh Alamouti. Additionally, back in December, we noted that they had opened their Tactical Trading fund to investors. Lastly, Citadel also amended their redemption 'policy' and readers can read about it in one of their recent letters to investors.

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