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Friday, March 13, 2009

Poll: MarketFolly Needs Your Feedback!

Hey everyone, help us make MarketFolly more enjoyable for you! We'd really appreciate it if you took a second of your time to vote in these 2 poll questions we've got setup. Feel free to write-in your own answers in "other" on the polls, write comments on this post, or email us. We would sincerely love hearing your suggestions, criticisms, etc. (RSS & Email readers: if you can't see the polls, please come to the blog to vote!)

The first question: What do you want to see more of on MarketFolly?

And, secondly, we're just checking in to see who our readers are. If you don't mind us asking anonymously, are you: a retail trader, a retail investor, a hedgie, a financial advisor/money manager, or institutional?

Thanks very much for all your help and please feel free to drop us comments or emails! We're always looking for ways to make MarketFolly better.

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