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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What One Trillion Dollars Looks Like

Wow, this is insane. With what seems like a bailout every month in this crazy crisis, we thought it'd be interesting to find an illustration of just how much money is being tossed around like chips in a poker game. Seriously though, isn't everyone just numb when the terms "billions" and "trillions" get tossed around now? We've been talking about such large sums for so long that it doesn't even faze me anymore, which is concerning. Billion is the new million, and trillion is the new billion.

With the help of PageTutor, we can put this into perspective. First, for a frame of reference. This is a pallet of some dollar packets. This pallet below represents $100 million.

(click to enlarge)

So, now that you know what $100 million looks like. Here's what One Trillion Dollars looks like.

(click to enlarge)

Notice the little person in the bottom left hand corner for a frame of reference. Also note that each little stack in the picture is actually 2 pallets. So, each little stack is $200 million. Add up that field of double-stacked pallets and you've got a grand total of $1 trillion. No big deal. Make sure to head to Page Tutor for the full pictorial.

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