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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hugh Hendry Eclectica Fund Investor Letter

Here's the latest commentary from Hugh Hendry over at Eclectica Asset Management. Big hat tip to Zero Hedge for posting this great read up. RSS & Email readers will need to come to the blog to view the slide-deck.

Also, a tip for those of you wanting to print the document off rather than reading it in the .pdf displayer: don't print it directly from Scribd, the margins will be screwed up. Since numerous readers have had problems with this, we wanted to post up a quick remedy. Click on the Scribd logo so that it takes you to the document on Scribd's site. You will then have the option to download the .pdf. After you've downloaded it, just print it from your computer. Note that this tip works for all Scribd and Docstoc .pdf documents we upload here on Market Folly. This way, you can avoid print-outs with messed up margins!

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