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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hedge Fund Clarium Capital's August Commentary: Save Now, Invest Later

Here's the latest from Peter Thiel's hedge fund Clarium Capital. Their August commentary is titled 'Save Now Invest Later' and makes for some interesting reading (as does typically all of Clarium's commentary). Through the end of June, Clarium was down 6% for 2009 as noted in a recent piece, 'macro hedge funds bet against recovery.' As of the end of August, Clarium is now -8.3% for the year. That article further goes on to divulge that Clarium is positioned for a bear market by betting on the US dollar, hypothesizing the currency will strengthen due to leveraged investors selling equities to pay down debt they used to finance the equity trades they were in. Additionally, they are keeping a steady eye on the unemployment rate among other indicators. Clarium was down another 4.5% in August and is now -8.3% for the year. The poor performance even reportedly had a normally calm Peter Thiel yelling at Managing Director Jack Selby. For the year of 2008, Clarium was also down 4.5%. Someone once told us it's almost as if they think that the fancier the idea, the bigger the potential profit. Somewhere along the line at Clarium there seems to be a disconnect between the idea and turning it into a successful trading strategy.

While Clarium continues to have interesting research, they still have yet to translate those ideas into solid performance. All the same, we'll gladly read their commentary as it's always prudent to evaluate all sides of an argument regarding the economy and markets, whether you agree or disagree with them. And as an avid lifelong supporter of Manchester United Football Club, we were caught a bit offguard (yet delighted) to see Clarium start off their letter with a quote from the great George Best.

RSS & Email readers will need to come to the blog to view the letter or you can try downloading the .pdf here:

Clarium Save Now Invest Later

We also recommend checking out their past commentary, as well as their piece, 'Macro Framework For Equity Valuation.' Lastly, you can also check out some brief thoughts from Peter Thiel from the Ira Sohn investment conference.

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