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Friday, September 4, 2009

What a Short Squeeze Feels Like (Video)

Going into the holiday weekend, we thought we'd post up two fun Friday videos that we are going to call, "what a short squeeze feels like." Don't worry, both videos are work safe. (Email readers make sure you come to the blog to view the videos).

Firstly, here's what it feels like to be squeezed as a short:

Secondly, here's what it's like when you're not the one being squeezed. Instead, in this video you're riding the waves of those shorts who are getting their faces ripped off below you:

Oh, and for those of your curious/puzzled/in denial: yes, the second video is fake. It was edited together and used in a Microsoft Germany advertisement and you can read more about their viral marketing video at Tech Ticker here. Remember that US markets are closed on Monday (Sept. 7th) so have a non-laborious Labor day!

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