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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Eric Sprott's Firm Sells Medusa Mining Shares

We recently got a glimpse at the latest portfolio activity out of Eric Sprott's firm Sprott Asset Management. Per recent regulatory filings, we see that Sprott no longer holds a 5% ownership interest in Medusa Mining (MML). As we detailed back in August 2009, Sprott had previously held a 5.4% ownership stake in MML.

It's unclear as to whether or not they simply reduced their position size by selling shares or if they exited the investment completely. Foreign regulatory disclosures only require investment firms to disclose when they no longer own 5% of the issued shares in a given company. As such, Sprott could just now be under that threshold while still holding a position, or they could have sold completely out. We won't know until we get some details from the firm itself, but it's safe to say that they have been selling shares. In terms of other recent portfolio activity, we recently detailed how Eric Sprott's firm also started a new position in Orsu Metals.

Sprott has been bullish on precious metals for some time now and recently said to beware of fiat currencies at the most recent Value Investing Congress. Sprott of course also launched a physical gold trust which has been trading at a premium to NAV as of late. Needless to say, he's bullish on gold and selective miners.

Taken from Google Finance, Medusa Mining is "an Australian based gold producer, focused solely on the Philippines. The Company’s principal activities include mineral exploration, evaluation, development and mining."

We've covered the rest of Sprott's various miner positions for those interested as well.

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