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Friday, May 14, 2010

What We're Reading ~ 5/14/10

We just wanted to highlight that FinViz is a great resource for free market screening & analysis if you hadn't heard about it already [FinViz]

The forthcoming golden age of stockpicking [Abnormal Returns]

Ray Dalio explains the principles of Bridgewater Associates [Dealbreaker]

Rail traffic continues to see gains [Pragmatic Capitalism]

A distressed debt analysis of Visteon (VSTNQ) [Distressed Debt Investing]

Finding capitulation with the McClellan Oscillator [Trader's Narrative]

Charlie Munger on wisdom as it relates to investment management [Ycombinator]

Jeremy Siegel on why stocks beat bonds [Kiplinger's]

Strikingly positive commodity outlook from Goldman Sachs [Pragmatic Capitalism]

Cornell endowment chief plans his own hedge fund [Business Week]

The Ira Sohn Conference has a ridiculously good list of speakers this year [Ira Sohn]

'Banging' the US stock market [Huffington Post]

50 essential online tools for investors [OnlineDegrees]

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