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Friday, May 14, 2010

Most Popular Articles on

Just wanted to post up an updated list of the most popular articles on Market Folly from the past month or two. Here's some great reads you might have missed:

1. The Invisible Hands: Hedge Funds Off the Record by Steven Drobny (Book Review)

2. Latest investor letter from Louis Bacon's prominent global macro hedge fund Moore Capital Management

3. Jim Rogers is shorting US & emerging market indexes

4. First quarter investor letter from Ricky Sandler's $5.4 billion hedge fund Eminence Capital

5. Free 30-day trial to Alphaclone for MarketFolly readers (the hedge fund replicator we use)

6. Ten reasons to buy bonds

7. In-depth notes from the Value Investing Congress

8. Book review of Confidence Game: How a Hedge Fund Manager Called Wall Street's Bluff by Christine Richard

9. Hedge funds are very short 10 year treasuries

10. The smart money's been selling equities

11. Investor psychology illustrated: where are we in the cycle?

12. Key level to watch in the stock market

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