What We're Reading ~ 7/19/11 ~ market folly

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What We're Reading ~ 7/19/11

Recent surge in stock spin-offs [Abnormal Returns]

Sell in May and come back when? [FT Alphaville]

Ten ways to improve your investment process [Greg Speicher]

Ten Year Treasury during and after QE2 [Bespoke]

Italy is like Lehman Brothers [Reformed Broker]

Boring is good, buy Chemtura (CHMT) [Economic Musings]

Comparing junk bond ETFs [IndexUniverse]

Don't call the next tech bubble yet [Fortune]

History suggests big tech discount could linger [Reuters]

James Montier on tail risk hedging [Surly Trader]

Common attributes of individual investors [CXO Advisory]

Carl Icahn is still looking for trouble [CNNMoney]

Treasury printing less dollars as use of cash is down [NYTimes]

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