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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Corsair Capital Sees Increased Market Volatility Ahead (Q2 Letter)

Jay Petschek's hedge fund firm Corsair Capital Management finished the second quarter up 0.2% net, bringing them to up 6.2% for the year. They've turned in a solid 15.3% annualized return since 1991 and are one of our favorite funds to track.

Last quarter, we highlighted that Corsair anticipated increased M&A activity. Their second quarter letter focuses on the 2011 market landscape thus far and macro concerns.

They write, "there seems to be a delicate balance worldwide between stimulating economic growth and keeping prices of basic necessities within an affordable range ... we believe this uncertainty only increases general investor skittishness and market volatility."

Portfolio Updates

They also update their various positions by noting that they continue to expect Innophos (IPHS) to earn $5.00 of adjusted EPS in 2012, surpass market expectations, and trade at a 15x multiple. We've previously covered Corsair's bullish case on Innophos.

They continue to like their stake in Expedia (EXPE) as the company announced the impending spin-off of its TripAdvisor segment. The current issue of our Hedge Fund Wisdom newsletter lays out the investment thesis on EXPE in detail for those interested.

Corsair also updated their stakes in Maiden Holdings (MHLD), KAR Auction Services (KAR), and Pace Oil & Gas (PCE). Their letter also includes a write-up on their new investment in TNS Inc (TNS).

Embedded below is Corsair's Q2 letter (email readers come to the site to view it):

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