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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Insider Buying: CEO's Buying Stock En Masse

There has been an increased amount of insider buying over the past few days. But what caught our eye in particular was the vast amount of CEO's that were buying.

To pull all this data, we used Insider Trade Reports who says that "over four decades of academic research has shown that by following in the footsteps of company insiders and buying the stocks that they are buying, you can outperform the market by 6% to 10.2% per year."

As CEO's bought into the recent market sell-off, it's clear they believe the market was undervaluing their companies.

List of Recent CEO Insider Buying

- Six Flags Entertainment (SIX) CEO buys $2,499,189 worth

- Morgan Stanley (MS) CEO buys $2,062,070 worth

- Fifth Street Finance (FSC) CEO buys $2,014,323 worth

- Huntsman (HUN) CEO buys $1,137,270 worth

- WMS Industries (WMS) CEO buys $1,000,224 worth

- General Growth Properties (GGP) CEO buys $856,489 worth

- Kinder Morgan (KMI) CEO buys $679,621 worth

- First Industrial Realty Trust (FR) CEO buys $642,000 worth

- Winthrop Realty Trust (FUR) CEO buys $589,550 worth

- Tupperware Brands (TUP) CEO buys $507,045 worth

- Life Technologies (LIFE) CEO buys $420,000 worth

- Greenbrier Companies (GBX) CEO buys $268,705 worth

- Kansas City Southern (KSU) CEO buys $253,050 worth

- AK Steel (AKS) CEO buys $199,030 worth

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