What We're Reading ~ 8/8/11 ~ market folly

Monday, August 8, 2011

What We're Reading ~ 8/8/11

Dreman's contrarian investment rules [World Beta]

What concerns Passport Capital [Distressed Debt Investing]

On bond management [Aleph Blog]

Let's face it, market correction makes sense [Peridot Capitalist]

Why this is not 2008 [Capital Observer]

Paulson's flagship fund down 21.6% [FT]

Profile of Lansdowne's Paul Ruddock [Bloomberg]

Andy Beal becomes billionaire with FDIC assets [Bloomberg]

Are hedge funds too big to fail? [WSJ]

Steven Cohen's forbidden transcript [Reuters]

Introduction of the social web index [StockTwits]

Web 2.0: how to spot the top [Reformed Broker]

Don't call it the next tech bubble yet [Fortune]

Social networks: are real names required for real socializing? [AVC]

An inside look at the rise and fall of Research in Motion (RIMM) [Boy Genius Report]

Depressing but nonetheless: 25 documents you need before you die [WSJ]

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