What We're Reading ~ 4/18/12 ~ market folly

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What We're Reading ~ 4/18/12

Legendary bond manager says get into stocks [Reformed Broker]

Consumers as a lead indicator [FT Alphaville]

Why some value investors aren't even buying Best Buy [Contrarian Edge]

On the equity risk premium [Abnormal Returns]

Hedge funds & advertising: pay attention to JOBS Act [DDInvesting]

Mick McGuire's Marcato Capital closes to outsiders [AR+Alpha]

Understanding technical analysis in 500 words [Dragonfly Capital]

More on hedge funds and advertising [Reuters]

Study on short squeezes in individual stocks [SSRN]

Contrarian hedge funds find alpha [AllAboutAlpha]

On short selling [Bronte Capital]

Starting a hedge fund loses its appeal [Reuters]

Viking Global to rely more on junior managers [Reuters]

Hedge fund's billion dollar club loses out to small rivals [InvestmentEurope]

The curse of the Yale model [Forbes]

On an investment research trip to China [Also Sprach Analyst]

Dodd-Frank bill - views from the hedge fund industry [Eisner Amper]

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