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Friday, April 20, 2012

What We're Reading ~ Tech Edition 4/20/12

Time for another quick tech sector edition of our linkfest. The usual hedge fund/market links will continue to be posted every Wednesday.

The Facebook IPO Primer [Nancy Miller]

Contrarian call: Sell AAPL [SumZero]

See also: the AAPL conundrum [Market Folly]

The next hedge fund trade: social media [Barron's]

The future of wireless is wired [Forbes]

Jeff Bezos' annual letter to shareholders [Amazon]

What Amazon's ebook strategy means [Charlie's Diary]

What will happen to Research in Motion: 4 possibilities [ReadWriteWeb]

DirecTV seeks strategy with advancing stock aided by cash [WashingtonPost]

Bank street perspective on the AboveNet deal [Telecom Ramblings]

How Grand Theft Auto changed video games [Cnet]

Carriers warn of crisis in mobile spectrum [NYTimes]

Summary of Yahoo's earnings conference call [AllThingsD]

What is Apple worth? [Stock Sage]

10 things we learned about Apple this year [SplatF]

Smartphones and the revenge of the phone carriers [BusinessWeek]

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