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Friday, May 18, 2012

What We're Reading ~ 5/18/12

Since we're busy writing the brand new issue of our Hedge Fund Wisdom newsletter that is due out early next week, here are some links for the mean time:

If you missed it, notes from the Ira Sohn Conference [Market Folly]

Putting lipstick on the pig at Chesapeake Energy [Footnoted] 

Peter Thiel on what 2 areas he'd short right now [Business Insider]

Will soaring rents lead to higher core inflation? [Big Picture]

Investment analysis of PHH Corp [Above Average Odds]

Scott Cottier: 3 places to find value in muni bonds [Learn Bonds]

On Wall Street's summer [Forbes]

Ben Graham then and now [Forbes]

Jeff Gundlach: bond savant [Business Week]

2012 US investment management award winners [Institutional Investor]

Buy bullion, not gold stocks, top hedge fund manager says [Globe & Mail]

Good old interview with Seagate's CEO [Forbes]

Investors missing rally dump bearish bets most since 08 [Business Week]

What happened to First Solar? [Technology Review]

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