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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hedge Fund Short Positions in the UK: Lone Pine, Greenlight, Kynikos & More

New EU rules that came into force at the beginning of November on short selling are leading to wider disclosure of shorts positions.  For example, the UK's Financial Services Authority (FSA) have implemented the EU's Short Selling Regulation and are now publishing a list of short positions on a daily basis.

New UK Short Selling Disclosure Rules

Before the implementation of the new Regulation funds and individuals only had to disclose short positions in UK financial companies and companies involved in a rights issues.  Now short positions have to be declared across all sectors.

The new rules require that where a fund's net short position reaches 0.2% of the issued share capital of a company they need to privately notify the FSA. Notification is also required again at each 0.1% increment after that. This is in relation to both increases and decreases of the position.   The obligation to privately report positions also extends to net short positions in sovereign debt and positions in uncovered sovereign credit default swaps (CDS).

ESMA has published a list of the different thresholds for each Member State in these instruments.   Public disclosure is required for net short positions of shares that reach 0.5% of the issued share capital of the company concerned and each 0.1% increment above that.  Additionally disclosure is required publically when the position subsequently falls below 0.5%.

Hedge Fund Short Positions in the UK Revealed

Today's list of short positions published by the FSA is provided below.  All of the following positions are disclosed as of November 1st, 2012 and represent the percentage of the company's shares the hedge fund is short:

Lone Pine Capital: Short -1.05% Home Retail Group

Greenlight Capital: Short -4.43% Daily Mail and General Trust

Kynikos Associates: Short -2.52% ASOS, -0.61% African Minerals

Maverick Capital: Short - 1.26% ITV plc, -4.45% Home Retail Group

Pennant Capital: Short -0.98% William Hill plc

Lansdowne Partners: Short -3.42% Weir Group, -3.27% APR Energy, -0.62% Tesco, -1.81% British Sky Broadcasting Group, -1.87% Petrofac, -2.28% Aggreko, -2.51% WM Morrison Supermarkets, -2.59% Provident Financial, -2.73% WH Smith, -1.09% Ophir Energy, -1.33% Tullow Oil, -1.71% Man Group, -0.85% Prudential plc,

Och-Ziff Management: Short -0.92% Lancashire Holdings, -1.20% International Consolidated Airlines Group, -0.82% Glencore International,

Elliott Management: Short -2.65% Stagecoach Grou, -1.65% First Grou, -0.71% Glencore International,-0.59% Reed Elsevier,

SAC Global Investors: Short -1.11% Electrocomponents

SAC Capital Advisors: Short -0.74% Ocado Group

Odey Asset Management: Short -1.43% Lonmin, -1.44% Dignity, -1.77% APR Energy, -0.84% Capital Shopping Centres Group, -0.59% Serco Group

Joho Capital: Short -4.03% CSR

Luxor Capital: Short -1.82% Blinkx, -1.32% WH Smith,

D.E. Shaw: Short -0.52% TUI Travel, -0.64% WPP

Marble Arch: Short -2.05% Dixons Retail, -1.79% Home Retail Group

Axial Capital: Short -0.55% TUI Travel

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This initial slew of disclosures is a bit overwhelming, but we'll continue to monitor the filings and post about notable changes and new short positions taken by prominent hedge funds on an individual basis.

You can track all other hedge fund activity in UK markets from what we've posted in the past via that link.

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