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Monday, November 5, 2012

Hugh Hendry On Gold, Treasuries, Japan, China & More: Buttonwood Gathering

It's been a long time since we last checked in on Hugh Hendry of Eclectica Asset Management so today we're highlighting his recent talk at The Economist's Buttonwood Gathering.  He touched on hot topics such as gold, treasuries, China, Japan, hyperinflation and a myriad of other things.

Key Takeaways

Hendry continues to like gold, but not the gold miners.  While he has been an advocate of the precious metal for many years, he continues to like it (albeit with slightly less conviction than previously).

We've highlighted one hedge fund's view that miners are better than gold and Hendry obviously disagrees with that.  And recently at the Great Investors' Best Ideas conference, David Einhorn made a quip that one should have gold miners in their portfolio.  Clearly, this is a divisive topic.

Hendry is also worried about creditor nations.

Notable Quotes From Hendry

Hendry said that, "My community of global macro managers always wants to short the JGBs and short the yen, and yet they've gone the opposite direction ... If you want to be short JGBs for the ultimate response, you don't survive the journey."

We've pointed out Kyle Bass' negative views on Japan and JGBs in the past.  Hendry points to real problems coming in Japan should some of their major companies near bankruptcy (he mentioned Sharp).

Hendry on Treasuries:  "Don't tell me China will sell their US treasuries.  If they sell their treasuries, the renminbi goes higher and higher and higher.  And their companies that export go bust."

Embedded below is the video of Hendry's entire talk at The Buttonwood Gathering:

We've previously highlighted some of what Hendry was buying earlier this year.  And for further hedge fund commentary from the Buttonwood Gathering, head to David Einhorn's talk.

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